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Small African Mammals

The small African mammals you will find on these pages are the various small African mammals we have come across on our trips throughout South and Southern Africa. South Africa has a total of 299 mammals, out of these 299 it is generally the larger mammals that are better known to the public at large and synonymous with the African Safari.

However, these small African mammals are made up of many different ‘taxonomic ranks’ from different family, genus or species. Without these mammals whole ecosystems would possibly collapse and eventually mankind would suffer. For instance ‘bats’ are small mammals and their are several species in South Africa. Bats are natural predators of the ‘mosquito’ and is often described as a voracious mosquito eater, just imagine the threats in South Africa that would be posed should we have a serious decline in these small African mammals.

So enjoy the photographs and information contained on this site about these small African mammals and next time you set foot into the African bush, keep a look out for the interesting  smaller things like the Dwarf Mongoose or that African squirrel.

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