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Yellow Canary

Family: Fringillidae

Genus: Serinus

The Yellow Canary (Serinus flaviventris) is a small resident breeding passerine bird of West and Southern Africa in which it is near endemic. In South Africa the Yellow Canary can be found in open shrubland, montane shrubland, semi-arid savanna, arid fynbos, dune vegetation, weedy road verges and gardens, so just about anywhere.

The Yellow Canary is a small mainly seed eating bird of some 13cm (5in) in length but sometimes supplements its diet with nectar and insects for which it forages on the ground. Adult males range in colour from a uniform yellow to streaked olive backed birds, dependant on where in the country they are seen. Generally though their underparts, rumps and tail sides are yellow.

The female is somewhat different having grey-brown upper parts, black wings with yellow flight feathers with a pale supercilium, underparts are white with brown streaking. The Yellow Canary is easily distinguished from the Yellow-fronted Canary (Crithagra mozambicus) by its lack of black facial markings and its bill is less heavily set.

The Yellow Canary is a  monogamous, territorial solitary nester, built solely by the female where in she produces and incubates 2-4 eggs, however the chicks are fed by both the male and the female Yellow Canary.

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