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Little Egret

Family: Ardeidae

Genus: Egretta

The Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) is a small easily identifiable Egret. With a 'snowy' white plumage, black legs and yellow feet and a slim black bill. In the breeding season with this 'contrast' the Little Egret easily stands out in the crowd. The adult Little Egret is some 55–65 cm (22–26 in) long and weighs about 350–550 g (12–19 oz).

The Little Egret is a wetlands bird of warm temperate to tropical climes where it is known to be resident. However, Little Egrets found in Europe and Asia tend to migrate south to Africa and Southern Asia for their summers.

The diet of the Little Egret consist mainly of fish and aquatic species of reptiles, insects, amphibians and crustaceans, as you would expect. The Little Egret tend to stalk their prey in shallow water, often running with raised wings or shuffling their feet to disturb small fish, they also ambush prey by staying motionless in the water shallows and waiting for prey to pass.

You can also read African Wildlife and Nature Photographs Little Egret blog post about the day my wife and I encountered this little bird on a birding morning at a local reserve.

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Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

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